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Monday, November 2, 2009
7:23 PM

Happy Birthday and 6 mths anniversary dear~

Anyway celebrated dear's birthday by giving her a surprise... Supposed to have all her friends gather tgt at Secret Recipe and surprise!!! But unfortunately didn't went as perfectly, Lesley them couldn't make it....

So we ate and talked then just nice, she had to go toilet... So we hurried prepare the cake and stuff (had some conflict with the manager) and when she came back, we suddenly sang birthday song...

So she opened her gifts after that and was happy she liked my present :D

Finished everything, Ken them had to go, so Angie them and us went to dear's house to celebrate there....

Then dear had fun with her friends and at 10pm everyone left.... So had some time with her for the last 1hr~

P.S Kinda sad.... But nah, nvm....

Friday, October 23, 2009
4:23 PM

Sry guys, been very busy and quite lazy to blog.... Anyway here I go:

Hmmm.... The last Saturday b4 holidays ended, the usuals and our partners ate steamboat at Yen's house :D

It was nice, especially the mushrooms~ Usually when we have steamboats like this, we KO-ed the meat... But surprisingly, this time we finished the mushrooms instead

Anyway it was so sad we dun have meatballs TT

But it was still and always fun to have their company :D

Then after that around evening, we went to EHub to watch Pandorum.... It's erm... I wouldn't say interesting nor boring... But if it's supposed to be wat it states as "Horror Sci-fi"... It's HORRIBLY done instead.... But ignoring that fact, the storyline is kinda original, but SUPER CONFUSING if u dun understand from the start....

So after the movie, we went to ate supper at Macs then I sent dear home b4 going home too....

Then after sch reopened, 1st day was Henry's bday...

So I asked everyone if they wanna chip in to celebrate for him. Then Jinhao and I went to FC5 and bought a chocolate cake....

When tutorial ended, we brought out the cake to surprise him and took some photos... Btw, the cake we bought was considered for 20 ppl... But no one ate except Sam, PH and eh... one more person can't rmb....

So wat happened to the rest of the cake? SPLOSH!!!! Onto Henry's face and victimized unfortunately: Jinhao LOL

Anyway after that we cleaned up and everyone went home, Henry and the rest went to Marina Sq to celebrate then I went to PS to check on something.... SHOCKINGLY EXPENSIVE.... Nvr expected that price man....

Thursday, October 8, 2009
11:43 PM

Hmmm... Well, today wasn't anything much.... Practically watched Funshion the entire day and played alil audi lol

Few days ago on my last day of work was rather sian.... Alil moodless.... There wasn't much sales and I was basically swatting flies~

So slogged until end of work when dear smsed me and asked me to go PS to collect something for her.... She was supposedly playing audi but when I reached there, she popped out of nowhere to surprise me :D

Was reallllllly reallllly happy, and we ate Yoshinoya since she had cravings of it and I bought an add cup of Beef Stock for 50cents but dear was Wooohooooo over it LOL

So after that we watched Surrogate and it was phew, really something different from countless of movies I watched o.o But I can tell u... It's one heck of a show.... I kinda liked the part where the surrogate is some hot chick but in reality, the operator is some fat ass dude LOL

Anyway blah blah *time travels to next day end* we went to eat Sakae and it was really enjoyable~ But alas.... It was late and I sent her home and back home I went....

Well.... Today she's at her class chalet and so.... I'm eh.... Watching funshion -.- Really there's nth else for me to do lol....

P.S Missed u.....

Saturday, October 3, 2009
9:44 PM

Damn tired....

Dunno why today very sian, practically no mood to work at all.... Dun even felt like smiling to the customers.... Today I even made $700+ sales, but still I was feeling sian z z z z

Must be cos of working days str without using the com and relaxing....

Anyway Wed nite after work went to dear's house to stay.... Watched funshion and played audi.... Although it wasn't much but really enjoyed her company.... Was very happy those 2 days :D

Then some incident happened and Keith lost his handphone.... Called Comfort Hotline for Lost & Found but they also had no results, so we figured some passenger took the phone away -.-

Went to work the following day and after work, went to Kallang to have steamboat dinner with Ken, Yen and Randy, Yy, Wx and Don.... Hmmm.... Not bad ba, but couldn't eat much, and all I really wanted was to rest so hadn't much appetite either....

Took a cab home and blah blah blah, next day (today) went to work.....

Thursday, October 1, 2009
1:50 PM

My legs r PAINNNNNNN!!!!!

And my working days in Blenwel is almost over.... Gonna miss the friendly coworkers :D

♥ Happy 5th Month dear ♥

Anyway..... *ahem*

I love u too :D

Friday, September 25, 2009
9:35 PM

Woooooo~..... Been very busy these few days...

Started working as a salesman in Blenwel (Yup, I noe most of u nvr even heard of it b4)

Not bad, it's really really fun especially when it's busy, cos it feels like a challenge that u can close the deal with the customer :D

So 1st day of work, abit blur, lots of things I dunno cos I've nvr worked in retail b4.... But not bad, picked up quick and had a good sales figure, abt 200+, selling toys, speaker box, kitchenware and many other rojak items LOL

Then Yen and Randy came and visit me during my lunch break so we had lunch at the Food Junction nearby.... Food nvr tasted so good cos I was real tired x.x

Went home at 9pm and slpt....

2nd day was even better :D My sales figure reached nearly 500!!! Cos I had 1 sale that was $285 from this LED lights :D But was even more tired that day x.x

3rd day was holy shyt tired.... My leg began to feel soreeeeeeeee, nth much on that day, not many customers =x

After that went to meet dear for dinner and food nvr tasted so goooood (even better than 1st day =x) But dear had headache and it was getting worse, realised she had fever and sent her home =/

Helped massage her limbs, trotters and head cos they were aching real bad.... Brought her to the clinic the next morning for check up but doc says she's fine o.o So we went back home and her fever started to heat up agn.... Went back 2nd time and the doc gave her very little meds cos dear is allergic to many drugs =/
Dear... Even thou u were sick, I enjoyed taking care of u...
Her fever went up real bad during the nite and she was shivering.... Helped soothe her down and brought her to the clinic for blood test next morning.... Then went to work and halfway thru, dear told me report says she got Dengue x.x
And I wish u would remain as happy as that day and recover faster :D
A dengue-infected piggy.... Wat could be worse?! LOL
Regarding my sisters.... It's ok :D We'll face it tgt
Anyway today woke up with a realllllly bad sorethroat and when I tried to talk, NO SOUND CAME OUT!!!! Holy shyt.... But drank some water, spit some phlegm (dunno how to spell lol) and rested for another 30mins.... Voice was back alil, but I sound like some realllly deep Afro singer LOL

Went to work, was still feeling ok, when halfway thru headache occurred.... Then started to heat up.... Then fatigue.... So I had no choice but to leave early =/ Went home and docs and.... I got fever -.-

So I asked the doc, is it cos my gf got dengue fever then she passed the fever to me, but not the dengue? So he said, eh.... Dengue fever is tgt, cannot separate into dengue and fever LOL, so it's just the bad weather.....

So now, I'm really really suffering with these constant techno-beat headaches that goes BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM with alil fever, chest ache from pulled muscle cos of coughing (wth....) and alil bodyaches and fatigue....

Damn.... Wat a week ~.~

P.S Get well soon dear....
P.S.S Get well soon Josh.... LOL

Wednesday, September 16, 2009
9:32 PM

Came back from chalet on Tuesday morning :D

Well... The chalet was hmmm.... Not bad, thou there r quite a no. of ppl who couldn't turn up....

On the 1st day:
Went to SK to bring dear to Ken's place to help make sushi.... Then Yy came soon after. So 4 of us were making sushis and I tell u.... THEY R SHIOK!!! Especially the ones which has Unagi and the roe =x

Then Yy had to go back home first so the 3 of us took a cab to the chalet and Ivan, Yen and Randy were alrdy there.... We ate some stuff and watched Funshion LOL. By around 6.... Wx and Don came and I can't really rmb wat happened alrdy =x

But I knew Yy came with Derrick, Shijie also came, Allan came, and I forgot anyone else lol! But sadly Wx, Yy and Ivan had to go back....

Randy, Yen and I sent dear back cos she couldn't stay over =/ But she came by the next day either way LOL

2nd and 3rd day:
Rather boring..... Slpt in till real late, and we ate Macs and poor Ken ordered Mega McSpicy but he got a Mega Mac instead =x Oh and his patty dropped unto the floor LOL

Then something unhappy happened and.... Everything's fine I think....

Wx came back but only for awhile b4 she went home agn... Cos she can't stay T_T So sent dear back and stayed at her house for awhile b4 going to take bus back to chalet.... BUT END UP LAST BUS WAS GONE QUITE AWHILE AGO FOOK LOL!!!!

So had no choice but stay at her place until next morning to take 1st place back and slpt till 10.15 and.... We all went home after that~

I'm reallllllly lazy to upload the photos cos there r plentiful so.... Just visit my facebook and u can see them =x

P.S Ken get well soon, and the very best of luck for ur papers :D
P.S.S Dear relax ok? Smile~